Foster and Adoption Support - offered in Wales

Family Support, Evidence- Based Outcomes, Self Help, Counselling, Information, and Practical Survival Strategies for foster and adoptive parents.

Support for Foster Carers & Adoptive Parents

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Despite extensive training and careful matching, parents of adopted children and foster carers often face difficult behaviours and situations with the children in their care. Often these are related to the childrenís early life experiences, but need to be carefully and sensitively dealt with by the present carers.

Studio III Foster and Adoption Support work with adoptive parents, foster carers and practitioners to make these placements succeed, by promoting loving and supportive family relationships.

Our services for foster carers and adoptive parents in Wales includes:

  • The opportunity to discuss the problems they face in a confidential and supportive environment
  • Practice and evidence based solutions to a range of problem behaviours and difficult situations
  • Sensitive work to improve family relationships
  • Specialist support regarding children with learning disabilities, autism, Aspergerís Syndrome, conduct disorders and mental health problems
  • High quality assessments and reports, including:
    • Psychological assessments
    • Risk assessments
    • Support needs assessments
    • Capacity assessments
  • Ongoing psychotherapy and counselling services
  • Help to develop support networks for families
  • Liaison with involved agencies and professionals

Contact us on 01225-334111 to arrange a confidential discussion with one of our specialists or use our contact us page

Studio III Foster & Adoption Support helps carers and children, by providing practical solutions, enhancing family relationships and addressing problem behaviours.